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SE Cases from Gravel Ridge Farms Rise to 38


According to the CDC, there have been 38 documented cases of Salmonella Enteritidis in seven states attributed to consuming eggs produced by Gravel Ridge Farms. Ten patients have been hospitalized. Cases were diagnosed between June 17th and August 16th 2018.

The outbreak strain of SE was identified in environmental samples and in egg pools collected from the implicated farm. Whole genome sequencing has demonstrated homogeneity among SE strains isolated form patients and from the flocks.

Cage-free eggs were recalled by Gravel Ridge Farm on September 8th, but bear “best if used by” dates ranging from July 5th through October 3rd. Eggs were distributed in dozen and 2.5 dozen packs in Georgia and Tennessee and to restaurants in Alabama.

The FDA has listed the retail locations where Gravel Ridge Farms eggs were sold.