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The following items will be reviewed in greater detail in upcoming editions of EGG-NEWS and CHICK-NEWS:


No prospect of near-term trade negotiations with China: With more than a third of the U.S. corn and soybean crops harvested, farmers and traders are anxious for a resolution of the trade impasse with China. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Mills confirmed that talks “were at a hiatus”. President Trump opined that China was “not ready” to discuss issues dampening the possibility of a summit at the G-20 meeting in November. Economic Council Chair Larry Kudlow said that “recent relations have not been positive”


Silos at elevators filling fast: Ending stocks are competing with the 2018 harvest for storage space. Some localities are storing grain under tarpaulins with less than half of new-crop corn harvested. This has implications for quality and possible

mycotoxin contamination.


Impact of Hurricane Michael Quantified: The storm severely damaged or destroyed about 90 broiler houses in Georgia and led to the loss of 2 million birds in addition to plant closures and extensive disruption of operations. Total losses to state agriculture will exceed $3 billion, in part attributed to devastation of the cotton crop. Michael, followed Hurricane Florence which caused less wind damage but extensive flooding affecting hog, turkey and broiler production in North and South Carolina.