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Vegans Implacable in Refusal to Consume Insect-Derived Protein


A study conducted in Finland on attitudes towards consumption of insect-derived protein among vegans, non-vegan vegetarians and omnivores demonstrated a negative attitude and low willingness to consume insect protein among vegans. Among the group of 567 surveyed, 74 percent were omnivores, non-vegan vegetarians 22 percent and vegans comprised 5 percent of those surveyed.

The vegan demographic held that consumption of insects was "irresponsible and immoral" confirming a weak intention and negative attitudes toward insect protein. In contrast, non-vegan vegetarians demonstrated positive attitudes towards eating insects considering the environmental benefits of insect-derived protein.

Although there has been considerable work on production of insects including fly larvae, crickets and beetles specifically for animal feed, there are profound questions regarding both the commercial acceptability of insect-derived protein and regulatory restraints involving health safety and labeling. It is possible that proteins derived from insect propagation might be incorporated in further-processed foods on the basis of amino acid contribution or functional properties. It is most probable that insect protein, if financially competitive with synthetic amino acids, would be used animal feeds and not human food.