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Frozen Food Sales Exceeded $55 Billion in 2018


According to a release from the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), 2018 sales of frozen food attained $57 billion with an approximately 2.5 percent growth in both value and units sold.

Surveys have shown that consumers select frozen foods on the basis of convenience but taste, quality and variety are emerging attributes. Entrees represented 17 percent of value purchased followed by soups and side dishes at 10 percent, appetizers and snacks at 6 percent and breakfast dishes at 6 percent.

Alison Bodor, President of the AFFI stated "The frozen food aisle is in the midst of a strong comeback." She added "While sales numbers can tell us a lot about the size and strength of the frozen food category, we joined forces with the Food Marketing Institute to understand the consumption, shopping and use of frozen food."