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Bayer Loses Second Glyphosate Case


A six-member jury in San Francisco ruled in favor of Plaintiff Edwin Hardeman who alleges that a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma was caused by exposure to glyphosate, the active component of Roundup® manufactured by Monsanto, now owned by Bayer AG.

In the first phase of the trial the jury was tasked with weighing epidemiologic and toxicological evidence advanced by experts on both sides to determine whether the compound was carcinogenic. The second phase will involve an assessment of direct and punitive damages and will consider whether Monsanto "adopted a responsible, objective approach to the safety of Roundup" as quoted by Plaintiff's Attorney Aimee Wagstaff.

Three additional bellwether trials will be heard in Federal courts in the next six months. A total of 11,200 claims have been filed with the exposure of Bayer amounting to $5 billion. As a result of the unexpected verdict, shares of Bayer AG fell by nine percent.

Withdrawal of glyphosate from the agricultural market would adversely impact crop yields and would lead to the use of potentially more toxic herbicides. The planting of GM glyphosate-resistant corn, cotton and soybean cultivars would be sharply reduced and cost of production would escalate.