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U.K. Supermarket Offers “Free-Choice” Eggs


Morrisons Supermarket is stacking eggs on racks allowing customers to pick eggs based on size, color and speckles.  Customers are encouraged to bring their own egg cartons and to purchase in quantities ranging from a single egg to a tray of 30.  Free-range eggs are offered at $4.25 per dozen.  The traceback system in the U.K. is based on individual stamping of eggs with a code indicating country of origin, housing system, farm of origin and a use-by date.  If the system were to be applied in the U.S., trace-back information including the date of pack and plant of origin would not be available.


The egg buyer at Morrisons commented, “Some customers told us they wanted to select their own eggs, to ensure none were cracked and to buy the exact amount they needed.”  He added, “We thought that reintroducing a traditional “pick-your-own” local egg stand would help to do this.  In trials customers told us they loved selecting their own eggs, and found it has cut down on waste in their homes.”  The program has been introduced into 200 stores across the U.K.