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Interview with Peter Mumm

Jun 4, 2015

Peter Mumm


EGG-CITE had the opportunity to discuss the formation of Hendrix-ISA, LLC with the GM, Peter Mumm at a recent industry meeting. The items discussed are of interest to the readership of EGG-CITE and the U.S. egg production industry.

EGG-CITE: Peter, please provide a brief outline of your background in our Industry

Peter Mumm: I graduated in 1994 from the University of Wisconsin majoring in poultry science.  During my high school and university education I worked during summers on farms and recognized that I wanted to make chickens my career.  Over the past 20 years I have worked for a number of companies including Creekwood Farms, Dean’s Eggs, Primera Foods, Daylay and have spent the last seven years as the Director of Operations of Midwest Foods Association .

EGGCITE: You are now the General Manager of a new company Hendrix-ISA, LLC.  What led to the formation of this enterprise?

Peter Mumm: The Company was founded in January 2015 out of the realization that as a primary breeder, Hendrix Genetics required a substantial and stable presence in the U.S. to ensure consistency of production and quality.  Expansion also required considerable capital investment.  Accordingly after negotiations, it was agreed that Hendrix would acquire the production facilities and hatcheries of the Midwest Foods Association and follow the model used by the other primary breeder by integrating forward into parent stock.  I would add that Hendrix Genetics’ turkey division, Hybrid Turkeys has followed a similar program, with their contract production agreement  with Ag Forte.

EGG-CITE: What brands will be available?

Peter Mumm: We intend distributing Shaver White, DeKalb White, Isa Brown and both Bovans White and Brown.  At this stage we are holding HiSex and Babcock in reserve as our geneticists continues to develop, improve, and adapt all of our lines to fulfil the needs of our markets

EGG-CITE: What is your relationship with the parent company in Canada?

Peter Mumm: Actually, the parent company of Hendrix-ISA LLC is based in the Netherlands.  Hendrix Genetics has had operations in Canada for many years  holding grandparent stock to produce parent flocks which will be placed in our centers in Virginia and Pennsylvania among others.  We are facing a period of high demand to replace hens depleted during the current HPAI eradication campaign. 

EGG-CITE: How will your company address this challenge?

Peter Mumm: At the time of the formation of Hendrix-ISA, LLC we were supplying 24 million day-old pullets of all brands annually from hatcheries in Virginia, Missouri and Pennsylvania.  Our plan was to achieve an output of 40 million pullets annually by mid-2016.  This will require new company-owned farms and extensions to existing hatcheries including Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Obviously with the current emergency other options to meet the needs of our customers are under consideration.

EGG-CITE: Coming from a production background how concerned are you over issues of quality and biosecurity especially during the current situation?  How are you addressing these issues?

Peter Mumm: By using our technical resources in the EU, Canada and the U.S. we are continually enhancing both biosecurity and production procedures to achieve uniform pullets free of infection, capable of achieving their genetic potential.  All of our parent flocks are on concrete floors and we follow rigid biosecurity procedures.  Our delivery vehicles are washed before return to our hatcheries and again prior to delivery to pullet rearing farms.

EGG-CITE: Thank you Peter we wish you success in your new position.