Shane Commentary


Vegenaise Mayonnaise Substitute

Jan 18, 2017


Recently the Company introduced gourmet versions of Vegenaise® including chipotle, pesto, garlic and barbeque flavors and Vegenaise® horseradish and tartar sauces.  In addition to vegan cheese and various dips and dressings, the company also produces a vegan egg substitute.

None of the products will ever displace eggs in either mayonnaise, meal preparation or baking.  What is significant is that using a simple kitchen and available ingredients, the company has managed to produce acceptable products which appear on the shelves of both mainstream and specialty supermarkets and stores.  They have earned market acceptance within a small demographic and enjoy widespread distribution. This has been achieved without the ostentatious self-promotion, alleged deceptive marketing practices, Federal investigations, inordinate publicity, unscientific claims and litigation which has characterized upstart Hampton Creek, not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital funding. 

EGG-CITE and many commentators have noted that producing substitute scrambled egg products and non-egg mayonnaise is not difficult. Formulas are available in standard texts and can be perfected in a simple home kitchen.  The products however lack authenticity and in the case of liquids do not incorporate the functional properties of real egg products for baking and catering.

There is a place in the market for vegan egg substitutes.  There are consumers who are willing to pay more and accept differences from real egg products but this is inherent to a free market society.  Although the company promotes a “follow your heart™” motto which is trademarked, there are no overt health claims consistent with FDA rules. The Company website is devoid of unsubstantiated hype and simply displays products in a commercially acceptable and tasteful manner.