Shane Commentary


Family Feud-British Royal Style

Apr 14, 2017


Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, is an avowed supporter of organic farming. He considers that GM crops have damaged the Earths’ soil, and he openly opposes GM crops and ingredients which he regards as an experiment “gone seriously wrong”.

In contrast his sister Anne, the Princess Royal, in an interview to be aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation stated, “Gene technology has got real benefits to offer.”  She opined, “technology maybe has an occasional downside but I suspect not very many.”  She opposes her brother in stating “condemnation of all farming other than organic is a huge oversimplification”. 


Prince Charles

The public debate over the merits and safety of organic compared to conventional farming has attained new significance as Britain intends to leave the E.U. This would free the Nation from onerous regulations and constraints which have impeded adoption of GM technology on the Continent.