New Products and Services for the Egg Industry


Jul 11, 2013


Neogen can help address concerns about potential mycotoxins in your feed. Our team updates a weekly mycotoxin report that helps predict toxin levels in grain.

Monitoring and maintaining low mycotoxin levels in animal feed can:

  • Reduce immunosuppression
  • Increase production in the presence of toxins by adding a mycotoxin binder    


CyberAgra Offers Cloud-Based Management Programs

Jun 17, 2013


CyberAgra located in Richmond VA traces it pedigree back to the Brill Corporation.  In 1995 program developers commenced their work on software for record keeping and management applications. In 1999 the Brill Corporation sold the management system to Novus which operated the business in the Omnus Division .  The principals within the group established CyberAgra in 1999 following dissolution of Omnus.

Based on the complexity and restrictions of the system which involved one installation per user with transmission of window screens CyberAgra completely restructured their technology.  Over a period of three years, their entire approach to recording and display of data was reengineered and the interface of the user was ported to the web using standard HTML encoding protocol.  This allowed for these systems to operate without any installation on client computers and facilitates mobile applications.


Poultry Check MD® Test Kit from Biovet

May 20, 2013


Biovet Inc. has introduced the Poultry Check MD® MS-MG multiplex test kit which enables simultaneous immunoassay to detect antibodies against MS and MG in individual serum samples.  For further information access the company website


PrimaLac® DFM Additive

Apr 15, 2013

Star Labs offers PrimaLac® Direct Fed Microbial.  The product contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacaterium thermophilum, and Enterococcus faecium.  The preparation has a minimum of 108 live organisms per gram.  The bacteria comprising the additive are selected subtypes which have proven ability to colonize the intestinal tract of chickens.


The mechanisms by which beneficial bacteria promote efficiency of digestion and hence improved growth and production may be due to a number of actions.  It is evident that these organisms function as competitors for undesirable bacteria in the intestinal flora.  As competitive organisms they occupy receptor sites on the cells lining the intestinal tract, excluding potential pathogens.  Beneficial bacteria also secrete organic acids which modulate the composition of flora in the terminal intestinal tract with beneficial results on composition of feces. 


Jansen Introduces Environmental Control Modules

Mar 19, 2013

Jansen Poultry Equipment of Holland has introduced a range of modules to allow farmers to comply with EU regulations relating to environmental emissions. 

These units comprise:-

  • Eco Friend® Biological Air Scrubber – This module incorporates filters and scrubbers to remove 70% of ammonia and dust from the air exhausted from livestock houses.
  • Amo Control ® Chemical Air Scrubber – This module removes dust by filtration and applies an acid to neutralize ammonia. The module is specifically designed for compact installation where space is limited.
  • AluBreeze® Heat Exchanger – This module allows air to be exhausted from the house to warm incoming cold air to conserve heat and reduce dust emissions. The system also removes suspended particulates in the atmosphere of the house.

For further information access the Jansen website


Lubing Introduces New Conveyor Products

Mar 19, 2013

Lubing Systems unveiled two new accessories which can be installed as retrofits to existing rod conveyors. The innovations were demonstrated at the 2013 Midwest Poultry Federation Convention Exhibition. 



  • The Spray Cabinet is designed to wash and disinfect rods and chains allowing for physical removal of soil and the optional application of disinfectants.  The unit is self-contained and includes a detachable pump, spray headers, a cleanout cover, spray shields and a catch pan.  The pump can be disconnected from the rod conveyor installation using quick-connect couplings to be moved to an adjacent conveyor unit. This feature reduces capital cost for complexes which operate with multiple input conveyors.
  • The Drip Canopy demonstrated in January at the IPPE is designed to reduce contamination on floors at the entrance to packing plants or on curves.  The drip canopy comprises a roll hanger assembly which dispenses Kraft paper which protects the floor and immediate area from egg droppings.

OmEGGa® Specification Sheet

Feb 18, 2013

Kalmbach Feeds, producers of OmEGGa® co-extruded flaxseed and DDGS, have circulated a specification sheet for the guidance of Nutritionists which is reproduced below:


Alltech Posts Results of Their 37+ Mycotoxin Survey

Nov 29, 2012

Alltech has released the results of a comprehensive survey for the presence of mycotoxins using mass spectrometry.  The preliminary analysis covered samples from seven states but additional results will be added as the harvest season progresses.  The shortage of corn associated with the combination of drought and diversion to ethanol has resulted in the need to use corn which previously may have been rejected.


The main finding from the available data of the 2012 corn survey shows that 83% of samples have between two to five toxins present.  Fumonisin is the most prevalent but T-2 and trichothecenes including DON, ochratoxins and zearalenone are present. Synergy among mycotoxins is a serious problem since the effect of low levels of multiple toxins in an ingredient may be additive in their impact on production.  Fortunately the levels of ochratoxins which are toxic to poultry are within acceptable limits.  An example of multiple mycotoxin concentration in a sample of corn is shown in the table below:-


First Ovotrack® System Installed in the U.S.

Nov 5, 2012

Faced with reality of achieving effective two-way traceability, United Egg Marketing has installed an Ovotrack® system in their off-line processing plant in Blackshear GA.  Eggs processed in this unit are distributed by the Dixie Egg Company in Georgia and Florida.  Jacques Klempf the company president selected the Ovotrack® system after extensive review of alternative approaches to traceability.  The system will permit trace-back to farm of origin from the consumer level but will also help to determine which products have been delivered to distribution centers or supermarkets in the event of a recall.

Traceability is mandated in Europe by EU 178/2002 (The General Food Law).  All packing centers are required to have an effective trace-back and trace-forward system in operation.  In addition to this regulation, the German KAT and UK Lion Code Product Assurance Systems require positive and definitive traceability.  Since the majority of U.S. egg production is based on in-line production and packing, traceability can be achieved through the use of paper records. All packs distributed through interstate commerce or emanating from a plant under the USDA inspection and grading protocol are stamped with a code confirming plant of origin, the Julian date and and a “used by” or “best by” date.


Liphatech Introduces Revolver ™ Rodenticide

Nov 5, 2012

Liphatech has introduced Revolver Soft Bait to control rodents.  This product contains bromadiolone and has high knock-down capability of both mice and rats.  Revolver has an aroma which attracts rodents away from competing food sources.  Revolver pouches can be placed in bait stations or anchored on nails in strategic locations including ledges and areas frequented by rodents. 

Revolver Soft Bait provides twice as many placements per pail compared to conventional mini block presentations thereby reducing cost of control.  The product is registered in 50 states and is available in either eight or sixteen pound pails.  For additional information access <> or telephone (888) 331-7900.

Revolver complements the Liphatech product line which includes Fast Draw®, BootHill®, Hmbre and Gunslinger® rodenticides.