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Retrofit of a MOBA Accumulator Enhances Operating Efficiency and Increases Saleable Product

Jul 10, 2015

MOBA has introduced an accumulator designed to fit existing Diamond Innova™ 12W, 8400 and 8200/8300 Series egg grading machines.  Specific design features of the accumulator will increase spool filling to enhance packing efficiency. Low- pressure operation reduces cracks and thereby increases the proportion of saleable product.

Retrofits already completed in the U.S. on Diamond installations have increased throughput by increasing spool fill rate at high speed settings, reducing the duration of the work day and minimizing overtime.  The value of improved efficiency will depend on production volume, wage rates and other factors specific to a plant. If it is assumed that a plant with a retrofitted MOBA accumulator can achieve the same volume in one hour less each day, the savings could attain $75,000 annually, given 20 workers at a wage rate of $10 per hour.

The contribution from reduced shell damage to annual profit can be projected for a range of a 1 to 3 percent decrease in downgrades given increasing unit revenue. The following approach and assumptions were used in calculating the benefit from the retrofitted MOBA accumulator:-

  • A one million- hen, in-line operation with an average hen-day production of 79 percent would produce 65,800 dozen eggs per day or 24.01 million dozen per year.  The losses over a range of downgrades (cracks) of 1 percent to 3 percent were calculated.  The range of prices applied extended from $1.00 per dozen to $1.75 per dozen in increments of 25 cents.
  • A conservative assumption was made that all of the downgrades could be reclaimed and sold as checks.  For the purposes of calculation, the value for checks was increased in proportion to the value of whole shell eggs.  Assuming that the wholesale price less packaging was $1.00 per dozen and checks were 50 cents per dozen the loss associated with cracks would therefore be 50 cents per dozen.  The corresponding figures for selling prices of $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 were 62 cents, 75 cents and 86 cent respectively.  The table below shows the value associated with each of the three levels of additional downgrading attributed to shell damage using an existing accumulator.

                                                          Increased Annual Revenue at variable selling prices
     Reduced Downgrades            @$1.00-.50     @$1.25-.62      @$1.50-.75      @$1.75-.86

1%                                               $120,085          $148,905           $180,127          $211,349
2%                                               $240,170          $297,810          $360,254           $422,698

3%                                               $360,255          $446,715          $540,381           $634,047                                                    



  • If it is assumed that the capital cost of a retrofit installation is $60,000, the payback with the 1 percent level of improvement at $1.00 per dozen would be six months.  Other permutations of value and limiting downgrades would provide proportionately reduced payback periods.


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