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Turnkey Biosecurity Modular System

Oct 6, 2015

Functional design with a clear and common sense approach to separating clean and dirty

2015 has turned out to be detrimental in the poultry industry with the introduction and spread of avian influenza. The Midwest was particularly hit hard with an unfathomable amount of birds being lost to a host that was both unbiased and ruthless. As the year progressed bio security became a fundamental and preeminent function to protect the poultry industry. 

Henning Companies being at the forefront in the poultry construction industry listened to what our customers needed with biosecurity shower in/out, truck and vehicle wash facilities, transportation bays, breakrooms, and receiving offices. To meet the increasing high demand and need to get these buildings started and done in a very short order, we were challenged with a time consuming design and estimating process that started to push the limits with getting construction underway. 

We put together a team to stream line the process and came up with a bio-security modular design that would allow each customer to pick and choose what pieces they needed to meet their individual needs. Large building example pictured above.

The biosecurity modular system allowed Henning Companies to price each module and when the customer selected the layout that best suited their needs, pricing and final drawings could be turned over in a matter of hours. Below is the medium building example layout.

Our options include single and multiple bay, manual and fully automated truck washes that could handle a few semis a day to hundreds if necessary, showers, laundry rooms, breakrooms, chemical storage, receiving room, vehicle pickup, and waiting. Below is an example of a truckwash layout.

 Our turnkey biosecurity modular system is very functional design with a clear and common sense approach to separating clean and dirty. Whether you’re an existing Henning Companies customer or not and are in the market to protect your capital investment please feel free to contact one of our project managers to discuss the options available. We offer a full “Turn Key” solution that includes everything from permits, excavation, concrete, to a fully functional MEP package. 

-James Faust (Sr. Project Manager)