Egg Industry News



Mar 10, 2017


According to USDA GAIN report SP 1704 released on February 28th, Spain is obliged to export approximately 25 percent of production given a national flock of 40 million hens in production.

During 2016, Spain exported 180 million dozen eggs to the EU-28 and 70 million dozen to third countries.


Faced with the EU ban on conventional cages effective January 2012, slightly over 90 percent of producers opted for enriched modules which were retrofitted to existing house.  In addition, 5 percent of the national flock is in aviaries and 2.5 percent are held on free range according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

During 2015 and early 2016, Spain was a supplier of shell eggs to the U.S. to be used by breakers to maintain production following depletion of flocks during the 2015 avian influenza epornitic.

Spain exports to Israel, the Middle East and North Africa based on relatively low transport costs to these areas.  It is anticipated that Spain will also be a supplier in the short and intermediate term to South Korea until that Nation can repopulate farms affected by avian influenza.

The most significant concern for producers and exporters relates to the emergence of H5N8 avian influenza, prevalent in France and other EU nations, which would result in embargoes by importing nations.