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Value in Reducing Food Waste

Mar 17, 2017


A research study conducted by Champions 12.3 determined that for every $1 invested to reduce food loss and waste resulted in a savings of $14 in operating costs.  In a report entitled The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste reported in the March 8th edition of the Institute of Food Technologists newsletter, 12,000 sites involving 700 companies in 17 nations were surveyed.


Investment to reduce wastage included quantifying and monitoring food loss, training staff to reduce waste, upgrading food storage and handling and modifying packaging to extend shelf life.  David Lewis, group chief executive of UK supermarket chain Tesco and Chair of Champions 12.3 noted “What this research shows is that there is now no social, environmental or economic reason why we should not come together to take action to reduce food waste.”

Positive improvements were achieved in UK households following introduction of a “love food- hate waste” campaign.