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Egg Industry Code for Canada Supported by Humane Societies

Mar 31, 2017


According to a March 28th release, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has endorsed a new Code of Practice for Egg Production.

This agreement follows negotiations between the Egg Farmers of Canada representing approximately 1,000 producers under a controlled system and the Federation of Humane Societies.


It is expected that conventional battery cages will be phased out by 2036.  This timeline is however longer than the 2025 deadline imposed by the Retail Council of Canada which numbers among its membership the significant supermarket chains, Loblaw, Metro Inc., Overwaitea Food Group, Sobeys Inc., and Wal-Mart Canada.

The statement by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies was replete with rhetoric referring to “extreme stress suffered by egg-laying hens” and “barren battery cages”.

An important factor emerging from the new industry code is that consumers will have a clear definition of the term “cage-free”.

In common with the U.S., market demand influenced by price and perceptions of welfare will be the driving force for change from conventional cages to alternative systems.