Egg Industry Presentations

2016 Nov 18 Managing Aviary Systems to Achieve Optimal Results
2016 May 6 What does the Market Mean by “Cage- Free”
2016 Apr 9 Collective Impact of “Cage Free” Announcements
2015 Jul 22 Nova-Tech Infrared Beak Treatment
2015 Jun 24 Dr. Neil O’Sullivan of Hy-Line International outlined approaches to selecting egg-producing strains
2015 Apr 22 Joanne Ivy, president and CEO of the American Egg Board reports on the State of the Industry
2015 Apr 22 Poster presented at 9th international Symposium in Avian Influenza – Athens, GA, USA
2015 Feb 10 Avian Influenza -- A Current Perspective, by Simon M. Shane
2014 Dec 19 Alltech webinar on mycotoxins
2014 Dec 12 MOBA -- DMA Presentation
2014 Dec 2 Video of Embryo Development -- Poultry Cooperative Research Centre
2014 Oct 24 Optimizing Nutrition for Specialty Egg Flocks -- Anthony Quant, Kalmbach Feeds, Inc.
2014 May 2 Options for Conversion and Renovation -- Tom Lohr -- Henning Construction
2014 Apr 25 Proposed Rule to Protect Food from Intentional Alteration
2014 Apr 22 Peter van Horne Updates the EU Egg Industry
2014 Apr 15 Comprehensive Review of Lighting for Egg-Production Flocks -- Dr. Ian Rubinoff -- Hy-Line
2014 Mar 4 Update on Egg Safety by Oscar Garrison — March 4, 2014 — Saint Charles, Missouri
2013 Oct 25 Input Cost Management? The New Landscapre for Egg Feed Costs! By Dan Basse
2013 Jun 21 Hy-Line Genetics Program - an Update, Dr. Neil O'Sullivan, Hy-Line International
2013 Jun 17 Nutrient Enrichment of Eggs, Anthony Quant, Kalmbach Feeds, Inc.
2013 Apr 22 Three Years of Experience with Enriched Colony Housing, Tom Silva, J. S. West Milling Company
2013 Apr 18 U.S. Egg Industry Environmental Footprint: A 50-Year Comparison, Dr. Hongwei Xin
2013 Mar 25 Managing Salmonella Risk, Midwest Poultry Federation Convention, Carl Heeder, DVM
2013 Mar 15 Overcoming Problems with Brown-Feathered, Non-Confined Egg Production Flocks, Dr. Simon Shane
2013 Feb 11 Vaccination to Reduce Salmonella Infection, Dr. Charles L. Hofacre
2012 Oct 29 Assessing the Significance of Salmonella Heidelberg in Egg-Laying Flocks, Richard K. Gast
2012 Oct 5 Update on Mycoplasmosis, David H. Ley, Ph.D, North Carolina State University
2012 Jun 12 Programmed to Succeed — Increase Efficiency and Produce Products Consumers Want
2012 May 26 Protection of laying hens against Salmonella enteritidis infection using live and inactived SE vaccines
2012 May 17 Enriched Colony Housing Systems — EU Countries Update 2012 — Big Dutchman
2012 May 8 OmEGGa — A New Omega Supplement for Layers by Mike Hlavaty
2012 Apr 9 Rapid Strip Detection of Salmonella Group D1
2012 Apr 9 False positive immunoassay results due to SE killed vaccine
2012 Apr 9 Business Continuity for Egg Producers during an HPAI outbreak – The FAST Eggs Plan
2012 Mar 21 Controlling Egg Contamination by Understanding Salmonella Enteritidis Infections in Laying Hens
2012 Jan 26 Gene Gregory, President of United Egg Producers, 2012 International Poultry Exposition
2011 Nov 21 Dr. Simon M. Shane, 2011 Pennsylvania Poultry Sales and Service Conference