Optimizing Nutrition for Specialty Egg Flocks -- Anthony Quant, Kalmbach Feeds, Inc.


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Specialty eggs enriched to contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids command a premium and generate increased margins compared to generic eggs.

Recently, Dr. Anthony Quant of Kalmbach Feeds in Upper Sandusky OH. reviewed options to supplement diets at the 2014 Multi States meeting of nutritionists in Indianapolis. He also presented his findings at a workshop organized by a leading producer of enriched eggs in August.

In his presentation Dr. Quant considers alternative sources of dietary omega-3 including canola oil, flaxseed and co-extruded flaxseed in combination with DDGS.

Reader are recommended to review the slide set and to contact him for further information at:
(419) 294 3838 x 275


Dr. Anthony Quant