Egg Industry News and Commentary

  —  Mar 1

Wendy’s Announces Move to Lower Live Weight


Wendy’s announced that it would in the future require a 20 percent lower live weight compared to current specifications.

Todd Penegor, president and CEO of Wendy’s stated “We are making this change because we have seen that smaller birds provide a big benefit for our customers who deserve to eat the most tender and juicy chicken.”


This statement belies fact.  The larger the bird the more mature the muscle.  Tenderness and juiciness are a function of stunning and post mortem electrostimulation or procedures before portioning.  Bird size has little to do with “tender and juicy” but may have profound impacts on live cost.

Unfortunately, in this market-oriented world, misconceptions and hype frequently conflict with reality, and suppliers are obliged to follow the specifications and apparent needs of their customers.