Egg Industry News and Commentary

  —  Mar 1

Weekly Turkey Production and Prices


The February 16th edition of the USDA Turkey Hatchery Report, issued monthly, documented 29.8 million eggs in incubators on February 1st 2017, up 10 percent from February 1st 2016. A total of 25.1 million poults were hatched in January 2017, up 10 percent from January 2016.

A total of 23.2 million poults were placed on farms in the U.S. in December 2016, up 5 percent from January 2016. The relative hatch and placement values suggest disposal of 1.9 million hen poults or 7.5 percent of hatch. Poult placements in 2017 have attained 23.0 million.


The February 24th edition of the USDA Turkey Market News Report (Vol 64, No. 08) confirmed the following provisional data for turkeys slaughtered under Federal inspection:-

  • For the processing week ending February 18th 1.570 million young hens were slaughtered at a live weight of 8.01 kg (7.91 kg last week). During the corresponding week in 2016, 1.728 million hens were processed. Ready-to-cook hen weight for the week attained 10,122 metric tons, 8.4 percent less than the corresponding week of 2016. Dressing percentage was 80.5. Year-to-date RTC hen production has attained 69,320 metric tons, 8.4 percent less than YTD 2016.
  • For the processing week ending February 18th 2.231 million toms were slaughtered at 19.61 kg (18.40 kg last week) compared to 2.412 million toms during the previous processing week. For the corresponding week in 2016, 2,232 million toms were processed. Ready-to-cook tom weight for the past week attained 38,233 metric tons, 14.9 percent more than in the corresponding week of 2016.  Dressing percentage was 80.5.Year-to-date RTC tom production has attained 262,767 metric tons, 0.3 percent more than YTD 2016.

The National average frozen hen price during the past week was $2.06 per kg, 5 cents/kg below the three-year average.

  • The following prices were documented for domestic and export trading:-


$ per kg

Change from previous Week (%)

Frozen hens



Frozen toms


                         Up        1.3

Fresh hens



Fresh toms


                     Up         0.7

Breasts 1.8-3.6 kg



Breasts (B/S) tom



Drums (toms for export)


                     No quotation

Wings (V-cut tom)


                     Down    6.5

Wings (V-cut hens)


                         No quotation

Thigh Meat (frozen for export)


                     Down     2.7

Mechanically Separated (export)


                         Up          2.2



On February 20th 2017 cold storage holdings at selected centers amounted to 59,818 metric tons up 17.3 percent from an inventory of 50,989 metric tons on February 1st 2017.

The February 23rd 2017 edition of the USDA Cold Storage Report issued monthly, documented a total turkey stock of 339,340 metric tons on January 31st 2017, up 17.1 percent compared to January 31st 2016 inventory, and 21.7 percent above December 31st 2016. The Whole Turkey category representing 36.7 percent of total storage amounted to 56,448 metric tons, up 17.7 percent from January 31st 2016.