Egg Industry News and Commentary

  —  Mar 3



In a statement by West Liberty Foods released on February 27th the Company announced an agreement to purchase the assets of Crystal Lake Farms including breeding stock and a processing plant.


Ed Garrett CEO for West Liberty Foods stated, “The acquisition of Crystal Lake Farms and Free Ranger is another exciting step for West Liberty Foods”.  He added, “This expansion of our business will allow us to meet the growing consumer demands for humanely grown, pasture-raised poultry”. Crystal Lake Farms holds a Step IV rating from the Global Animal Partnership.

Blake Evans President of Crystal Lake Farms stated, “I’m excited about the transaction with West Liberty Foods and the manufacturing expertise they deliver the Company will continue to innovate around the breed, feed and the growing environment”.

As an editor’s note the comment by Ed Garret concerning “humanely raised” in no way reflects adversely on production of approximately 165 million broilers harvested each week in the U.S. in compliance with the NCC, AHA or equivalent standards. Crystal Lake Farms supplies specific strains of broilers allowed outside access for a defined market.