Egg Industry News and Commentary

  —  Mar 8

ORKA Releases New PC Software


ORKA Food technology has released new PC software for the Egg Force Reader.  The new suite improves communication between a PC and Egg Force Reader eliminating the need for a cable allowing wireless communication. 

The software incorporates a new user interface and allows “plug and play” software incorporating auto-search, auto-discover and auto-connection to the PC.  The software also has an enhanced “save to Excel” option and improved printing.


The current ORKA range includes the EggAnalyzer® to determine albumen height, Haugh units, yolk color and USDA grade; the Egg Force Reader to determine eggshell strength; the Eggshell Thickness Gauge and Wireless Egg Node™ to sense locations where shells can be damaged through the chain of conveying extending from cage to packer.