Egg Industry News and Commentary

  —  Mar 8



A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Marketplace Report on DNA assay of chicken served by Subway evaluated by Trent University Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory is the subject of a dispute.  The Laboratory found that samples of chicken served by the restaurant chain contained 50 percent chicken DNA with the remainder of vegetable origin, presumably a soy extender. 


Subway has released its own study conducted by two independent laboratories on assays of their chicken obtained from stores in Canada which showed that soy protein represented less than one percent of the samples.

Since the allegation made by the CBC relates directly to the integrity of the chain and its products, resolution of the conflict with independent sampling and assay should be conducted in the U.S. in addition to Canada.  According to press reports, Subway has released its own study but has declined to discuss the issue on camera or to respond to requests for comments and additional information. This is contrary to their interests as consumers require transparency and a clear statement regarding the situation.