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  —  Apr 12

NTF President Urges Support for Disease Prevention



Appearing before the House Agriculture Livestock Sub-Committee on Tuesday March 21st, Carl Wittenburg current chairman of the National Turkey Federation, urged continued funding to prevent diseases in commercial livestock.

Citing the expense of the 2015 HPAI epornitic which affected turkey farmers and in-line egg breaking complexes in the upper Midwest, Wittenburg emphasized the need for Congress to support the USDA APHIS. 


He outlined four focus areas including:-

To be critical, Carl Wittenburg should also be encouraging the membership of NTF to upgrade biosecuritywhich was shown to be severely deficient following introduction of the H5N2 highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza in Minnesota and the Dakotas in 2015.

Federal funding to support national and state preparedness programs and research will add to the protection of livestock. Federal funds will not substitute for an investment in structural and operational biosecurity at the farm level, necessary to prevent introduction of infection into poultry, hog and cattle operations.