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  —  Apr 5

NCC Opposes GIPSA Rule


CHICK-CITE has frequently commented on the overt intrusion by GIPSA between contractors and integrators and attempts by the previous Administration to enforce a socialistic Rule through the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration.

In written comments filed with the USDA, the NCC stated “GIPSA fails to provide an adequate justification for imposing such sweeping detrimental changes to the poultry industry and does not explain corresponding benefits to counter-balance the billions of dollars of detrimental effects the proposal will have on the U.S. economy.”


The comment by NCC president, Mike Brown noted, “We are particularly troubled that the interim final rule and proposed rule appear designed to increase uncertainty and costly litigation - GIPSA even admits that substantial litigation will ensue with no quantifiable benefits.”

The National Chicken Council considers that the performance-based contract structure of modern poultry production was instinctively designed to put the well-being of the birds as a top priority since incentives are given to farmers who raise the healthiest birds through working hard.  It incentivizes farmers to do their best, to compete just like every other business in America or in any other free market.

GIPSA in its own analysis estimates that the costs arising from imposing the rules would be over $1 billion although this figure is regarded as an under-estimate.