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  —  Apr 5

Bans on Brazilian Beef Rescinded


Following representations by the Government of Brazil to authorities in China, Egypt and Chile, exports of Brazilian beef, pork and poultry will resume.  Undoubtedly the reputation and export volume from Brazil will be impacted by the allegations of inappropriate inspection and processing.  It is anticipated that the problem will be resolved within a shorter time than originally forecast.


It is also appropriate that competing exporters do not indulge in schadenfreude, that uniquely Teutonic concept of deriving pleasure at the misfortune of someone else. It is possible that what may have occurred in a limited number of plants in Brazil could have taken place in a number of nations.  The U.S. has an efficient, honest and functional meat inspection system. Unfortunately irregularities or errors could occur in a single plant. Given the power of the internet this could have a significant impact on trade.

The lesson in the debacle in Brazil is that there is a need for constant vigilance to maintain high scientific and ethical standards.  This is even more important as multinationals including JBS of Brazil purchase and operate meat and poultry producing companies in the U.S. Implicated company BRF intends to continue with the sale of 20 percent of Halal-oriented ONE FOODS estimated to bring in US$1.5 billion. It is calculated that within a week of the emergence of the scandal BRF and JBS.SA collectively lost US$ 2 billion in market capitalization.