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  —  Apr 5


Sonny Perdue


The Thursday March 23rd Confirmation Hearing for nominee Dr. Sonny Perdue to the position of Secretary of Agriculture before the Senate Agriculture Committee was without contention or partisan rhetoric.

Perdue emphasis that he would, “be a strong advocate for the industry if confirmed” stating, “agriculture is in my heart and I look forward to fighting for the producers of America”.  He added, “I will absolutely be an advocate and fighter when necessary”.  Of the many nominees forward by President Donald J. Trump, Perdue is probably the most qualified based on his training as a veterinarian, experiences as a farmer, involvement in agribusiness and his tenure as a two-time Governor of Georgia.


Items of concern include his accommodation to proposed budget cuts and overcoming restraints associated with the immigration policies of the new Administration.

Chairman of the Committee Pat Roberts (R-KS) will expedite confirmation stating, “I think we would have a good vote and we have told the leadership we would like to move him as soon as possible and the leadership has agreed”.  Roberts concluded, “This has been a very good hearing”.

The ranking member of the Committee, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) observed, “We have a nominee who understands agriculture, grew up on a dairy farm and after multiple discussions with him I feel that he can do a good job in running the Department”.  She added, “Barring anything that comes up in questions for the record and so on, I’m planning to support him”.