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  —  Apr 5

Aviagen Supports Canadian Poultry Research Council


Aviagen is supporting the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC) through a contribution of US$25,000 representing continued funding since 2012.

The Canadian Poultry Research Council is an industry-led organization supporting poultry research programs roughly analogous to the USPOULTRY Foundation.


Dr. Scott Gillingham, Regional Business Consultant for Aviagen in Canada stated, “Aviagen is happy to support the CPRC and will continue to look for opportunities to advance the Canadian poultry market.”

Dr. Bruce Roberts, Executive Director of the CPRC stated, “Aviagen continues to help us both financially and through its collaborative support.”  He added, “I meet regularly with Dr. Gillingham to discuss issues and challenges that face the Canadian poultry industry. Through its support for the CPRC, Aviagen has shown commitment to our success and the advancement of the Canadian poultry market.”