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  —  Apr 5

Simple Viral Detection System Developed


A research team at Georgia State University has developed a hand-held assay to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections applying a hand-held glucose meter*. 

Specifically for influenza virus detection in medical facilities, the assay relies on the ability of neuraminidase enzyme activity by a virus in a positive sample to cleave galactose from a conjugate of methoxylated sialic acid and galactose. 


The released galactose is oxidized by an enzyme on the test strip producing an electrical current which is measured by the glucose meter.  The assay demonstrates acceptable sensitivity and specificity within a 15-minute period.  The specific conjugate allows the assay to distinguish between bacterial and viral neuraminidase. 

At this time, the assay is under more extensive evaluation to detect type A influenza. If the system is proven to have acceptable specificity and sensitivity it may prove useful as a preliminary screening assay for AI in flocks competing with immune-based antigen capture assay.

*Chem. Sci. 2017, DOI: 10. 1039/c6sc03720h