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  —  Apr 12

Authorities in Brazil Respond Aggressively to Beef Scandal


Intensive surveillance of microbiological quality of meat products from 21 processing plants implicated in the ongoing corruption probe demonstrated a relatively low level of contamination.

Eight of 302 samples yielded either Salmonella or Staphylococcus which is not unexpected. A parallel investigation did however reveal excess water and addition of starch to chicken sausages beyond Federal limits in 10 percent of samples examined.

The 21 implicated plants are located in the states of Bahia, Tocantins, Rio de Janiero, Santa Catarina, and Sao Paulo.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture stated “We want the audits to give us a real sense of the status of inspection services in each state.” The Executive Secretary of the Ministry added, “The findings of the audits will be shared with Federal prosecutors and the Federal police.”


The Government of Brazil is engaged in an intensive public relations exercise including enhanced transparency in an attempt to convince importers that Brazilian meat products are safe and that allegations against a number of companies are only an aberration and do not reflect the extensive production of meat in Brazil.

Chick-Cite has reported on the volumetric and financial impact of the scandal although many large importers, including China, Chile, Egypt and Hong Kong, have rescinded bans on Brazilian products. It is, however, obvious that the Brazil “Brand” has been degraded and that extensive efforts will be necessary to restore confidence in the Nation’s products.