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  —  Jun 15

Food Sovereignty in Maine


On Wednesday, May 31st, the Maine House passed LD 725, an Act to recognize local control regarding food and water systems. The Act was subsequently endorsed by the Maine Senate.

While the strong streak of independence characteristic of Maine might well be recognized in law, the legislation when enacted will have profound public health implications.


To date, eighteen Maine towns have declared food sovereignty by enacting local ordinances giving residents the right to produce, sell and consume foods of their own choosing.

Proponents of “food sovereignty” demand exemption from state licenses and inspections applied to the food chain. The principle of “food sovereignty” also claims exemption from state and Federal oversight. This would be retroactive and contrary to principles of public health.

It is hoped that this trend will not spread to adjoining states in New England or to other regions in the U.S. following tolerance of distribution of raw milk, now allowed in 21 states.