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  —  Jun 23

DeCoster Requesting Incarceration in New Hampshire

Jack DeCoster


Following rejection of an appeal against incarceration , Austin “Jack” DeCoster has requested that he serve his three-month prison term in a Federal prison in Berlin, New Hampshire in place of either a county jail in Iowa or the Federal prison in South Dakota. 

Jack DeCoster has requested a delay in reporting to prison to undergo examinations for age and metabolic related conditions.

He based his application on a deteriorating health status and the fact that he has relocated to Turner, ME to be close to his church community.  It must be remembered that Decoster, characterized in a Maine Today report on June 9th as “notorious” is extremely religious, a preoccupation which he has managed to integrate with a history of abusing workers, exploiting suppliers, despoiling the environment and demonstrating a lack of concern for public health.


It is a matter of record that in 1996 the Turner, ME. complex, still owned by DeCoster, but leased to a Hillandale Farms entity, paid a penalty of $2 million and settled claims by workers amounting to $3.2 million.  Apparently his piety does not preclude “cheating contractors, not paying bills, hiring illegal immigrants and breaking environmental laws” as noted by then Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

The 2010 outbreak of SE precipitated by the management practices and willful neglect exercised at his Wright County, IA complex resulted in fines of $6.8 million for his company Quality Eggs (an obvious oxymoron) and a fine of $100,000 for himself and his son Peter in addition to the jail term.