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  —  Aug 18

Mintel Examines Restraints to Expanding Organic Consumption


A recent Mintel report on attitudes towards organic products suggests development areas which must be addressed by producers and certifiers of organic products. Only one quarter (26 percent) of consumers trust organic food labels and only 13 percent consider that there is adequate regulation. Perceptions of healthfulness are relatively weak with 33 percent of respondents stating that they would purchase more organic foods if they were proven to be healthier or stayed fresher for a longer period.


Cost is an important deterrent to purchasing. Almost two-thirds of respondents stated that they would purchase more organic foods if they were less expensive and only 20 percent accept that organic foods are worth the extra cost. Skepticism of organic claims and costs are limiting increased purchases even among established consumers with 34 percent indicating that they are buying more organic foods this year compared to 2016.

It would appear that branding is an important motivator to purchase since only 14 percent of respondents accepted that an organic claim is more important than a specific brand.

In attempting to evaluate motivation to purchase organic food, Mintel determined that 28 percent agree that “they feel better about themselves when buying organic foods.” Among the committed purchasers, half consider organic foods are better for their health. It would be an interesting exercise to correlate disposable income, health status and age demographic with motivation to purchase organic food.

Benny Roberts, Senior Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel, stated “While consumers overall may be unaware of organics’ traits or the precise benefits of eating organically, the products do enjoy a positive reputation and generally appear to make consumers feel good about their purchase, even if it comes at a higher cost.” He added “While consumers pay attention to brand names, in their eyes, there is little difference between national brand and store-brand organic options. As such, a considerable price difference could compel consumers to turn away from national brands in favor of a comparable option with an organic claim.”

The Mintel Report Natural/Organic Food Shopper U.S. 2017 is available for purchase from Mintel.