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Alltech promotes bioplexed minerals for shell strength


Dec 5, 2013


Recent studies conducted by Dr. Sally Solomon have confirmed that supplementing the diets of laying hens with bioplexed minerals improves breaking strength. Proteinated forms of zinc, manganese, copper and selenium are more readily absorbed than inorganic mineral salts resulting in greater availability to function as co-factors for enzymes involved in shell deposition.


The normal deterioration in shell quality which occurs during the terminal third of the laying cycle can be offset in part by supplementing with bioplexed minerals. Field experience has shown that a reduction in checks can add 4 to 5 more saleable eggs for single-cycle flocks held through to 75 weeks of age. With a value for eggs of $1 per dozen, incremental revenue would amount to 37 cents per hen.  Assuming an expenditure of 5 cents for supplementation, depending on level and duration of feeding, a benefit to cost ratio in excess of 7 could be attained. For additional information access and search for Bioplex® and Sel-Plex®.