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Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR AG™


May 12, 2015


A major challenge facing nutritionists is to rapidly evaluate the nutrient content of ingredients especially at the beginning of a harvest season or when receiving products from a new supplier.  Conventional proximate analysis using wet chemistry is expensive and involves delays in obtaining results which reduces effectiveness of this approach to adjusting an ingredient matrix.

Near infrared spectroscopy has been used for a number of years to obtain rapid assays of ingredients and finished feed. Cost has been the major restraint to general adoption of this technology.  Bench-top installations cost in the region of $100,000 although there is little technical proficiency required to achieve reproducible results provided that the instrument has a suitable database.

Recently Thermo Scientific, a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the micoPHAZIR™ AG instrument which is hand-held and self-contained and will sell in the region of $40,000 depending on options.  The unit is field deployable and provides similar results to larger lab-based instruments. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides service and technical support for their instruments through the U.S. headquarters in Boston.

The micoPHAZIR™ AG analyzer is delivered with pre-loaded calibrations which have been developed over two decades. The instrument is available with a calibration for poultry, ruminant and monogastric species.  Separate calibrations are available for cereals, legumes, animal protein and diets containing various quantities of protein and oil content.  The instrument can provide values for protein, moisture, lipids, fiber, and ash.


Assays comprise a three-stage process involving transfer of a ground sample to a reservoir which is placed on the reader, the instrument is then activated and within seconds, the assay result is displayed and sent to a PC database.

In reviewing application of the initial instruments which are being delivered, the micoPHAZI™ is rapidly displacing conventional wet chemistry. Nutritionists affiliated with a number of broiler and turkey integrations are now relying on the results to expeditiously amend matrices as delivery of major ingredients are made to feed mills within their area of control.

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