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Extent of Illegality in the Food Industry of China Revealed


Jan 19, 2017


Bi Jingquan, Director of the equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration in China recently reported that more than 500,000 cases of illegal activity were disclosed following 15 million inspections of food facilities.

The activity to uncover deception, the use of illegal ingredients and counterfeit foods, follows a national program to uproot corruption and to conform to established legal standards.


EGG-CITE has frequently commented on the de facto standard of food-safety in China which reflects avarice and a callous disregard for public safety. A nation which is indifferent to the quality of products sold domestically will obviously have little concern for exports. 

The FDA is nominally responsible to ensure the wholesomeness of imported products but admits that it inspects less than two percent of imports. It is a matter of record that inspectors only  rarely apply sophisticated analytical screening to detect the presence of illegal residues, toxic adulterants and mislabeled products.

The Agency finds it far easier to address non-problems such as SE in large commercial farms which have been free of the infection for upwards of 10 years than to expend resources on addressing more significant and challenging situations represented by potentially harmful large-scale food imports from Asia.