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Innovations from MOBA at IPPE


Feb 1, 2017


MOBA unveiled a number of innovations at the 2017 IPPE.  These included:

  • The Omnia PX grader with a capacity of 700 cph.  Currently there are four of these installations in operation under commercial conditions.  The MOBA Omnia PX 700 was featured on a January 31st broadcast of American Farmer filmed at Schipper Eggs LLC in Holland MI.
  • MOBA MR 12 Twin-Robot Case Packer incorporating Yaskawa robotics.  The system is in operation at Hickman’s Family Farms and is operating at up to 180 cph.
  • Pelbo Synchro 626 – Pelbo recently acquired by MOBA is the fastest rated egg breaker available
  • iMoba 4.0 Data System – compatible with advanced MOBA grading installations, iMoba stores and process data for retrieval in real time to guide management.

For further information access <>