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McDonald’s Corporation Achieves Growth in Sales


Feb 1, 2017


CHICK-CITE recently reported on the results attained by McDonald’s Corporation for the fourth quarter and Fiscal 2016. The company generated revenues of $6.03 billion, earning $1.19 billion with an EPS of $1.44. Comparable figures for Fiscal 2015 included $6.341 billion revenue, $1.21 billion net income and an EPS of $1.31. 


Commenting on results, Steve Easterbrook, president and CEO noted “In 2015 the company initiated a turnaround plan that featured many facets including streamlining of the organizational structure, shuffle of the leadership team and a focus on the long-term verses quarter by quarter.”

For the fourth quarter of Fiscal 2016, global comparative sales increased by 2.7 percent although  the U.S. recorded a decline of 1.4 percent.