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Feb 10, 2017


The American Egg Board has adopted a Strategic Plan for 2017, recently approved by the Board at a meeting held concurrently with the IPPE in Atlanta.

The Plan will include the following components:

  • Exports- both shell eggs and egg products will be promoted aggressively in existing and new markets
  • Schools – eggs will be promoted for school menus and experts and consultants will encourage egg servings based on nutritional quality and convenience
  • Active and healthy lifestyle- consumers will be educated on the research conducted by the Egg Nutrition Center by incorporation in diverse marketing messages directed to specific demographics
  • Multicultural- Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of multicultural consumption representing an annual U.S. total of $1.5 trillion in purchasing power
  • Millennials- messages developed by the AEB will focus on millennials as an important consuming group

In commenting on the Strategic Plan, Blair Van Zetten, 2017 Chairman of the AEB commented on the long-term increase in domestic consumption.  In his message to producers, he noted, “Because of our new strategic focus on growth areas and the dynamic leadership by the new CEO, Anne L. Alonzo and her team, I am confident that there are no boundaries for AEB in 2017”.