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HPAI Continues in South Korea


Mar 17, 2017


Authorities in South Korea reported on depletion of a flock of 50,000 laying hens located on a farm near Seoul.  This case involved H5N6 HPAI.  The farm was depleted and decontaminated using personnel and resources supplied by the military. 

It is a matter of record that as many as 30 million laying hens have been depleted in Korea since the advent of HPAI in late 2015. 


Concurrently a single case of H5N8 avian influenza was diagnosed on a duck farm in the southwest quadrant of South Korea.

South Korean soldiers wearing protective gear clean a poultry farm
where an outbreak of the bird flu virus was discovered,
in Yangju, South Korea on March 8, 2017. REUTERS