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FDA Farm Inspections-Still required?


Mar 31, 2017


The FDA intends inspecting 500 egg production farms in accordance with the Final Rule to prevent Salmonella.  Farms holding over 50,000 hens will the subject of 136 targeted inspections and 41 comprehensive inspections.  Generally targeted inspections are delegated to the Departments of Agriculture in the states with a high density of egg farms.  Among small producers ranging from 3.000 to 49,999, there will be 234 targeted inspections and 89 comprehensive inspections.


The FDA obviously has distorted priorities with regard to the U.S. egg production industry which they view as an easy target.  Since 2011 there have been no documented cases of SE from commercial farms operating in accordance with either a state EQAP, or the UEP 5- Star Egg Safety Program.

In contrast, there were 32,000 fatalities from opiate overdoses in 2015 representing 64 percent of all accidental or deliberate drug-related deaths.  There were approximately 5,000 pedestrian deaths in the U.S. in 2015 with the number increasing by double-digit percentages each year.

The cost-effectiveness of the Salmonella detection and prevention program is inconsistent with the societal benefits obtained.