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PETA Subject of Lawsuit


Mar 31, 2017


Wilbur Zarate filed a lawsuit against People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in 2015 claiming that PETA employees removed a pet dog from his porch and euthanized the animal within hours, contrary to state regulations.

Heather Harper-Troje a disaffected previous employee has been deposed in the case and under oath has confirmed that at the direction of Ingrid Newkirk, Manager of the Community Animal Project, PETA followed a program of intensive euthanasia including a policy of deceiving donors regarding the intent to place their animals in new homes. Harper-Troje alleged that PETA routinely euthanized healthy puppies and kittens and failed to hold strays for five days before euthanasia.


The Center of Consumer Freedom has obtained documentation from the state of Virginia confirming that the euthanasia rate in 2016 attributed to the PETA Community Animal Project was over 15 times that of other private shelters in the state.

At issue is the need to determine whether the unacceptable euthanasia rate was a function of PETA policy or was an aberration of the manager concerned.