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Concern Over Proposed Federal Budget Cuts


Mar 31, 2017


The March 20th edition of Chemical & Engineering News outlines proposed cuts in the 2018 budget which will impact biomedical research.  Changes include defunding the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board and the Department of Energy, Advanced Energy Research Program. 

The EPA will lose 30 percent of its funding equivalent to $5.7 billion leading to elimination of 3,200 jobs.  Given the overt opposition of the agency to intensive agriculture under the previous Administration, the cuts to this Agency may well be beneficial to food production. 


The 18 percent reduction ($5.8 billion) for the National Institutes of Health would however be of concern since livestock and agriculture benefit indirectly from the basic research conducted by NIH.

The 20 reduction in the budget at the USDA will represent a challenge to incoming Secretary Dr. Sonny Perdue as discussed in a previous posting on EGG-CITE.

Details relating to the proposed cuts and funding will become apparent with release of the detailed budget in May.