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Nutriad Presentations at VIV Asia


Mar 31, 2017


In a special program Immunosuppression 2017, Dr. Radka Borutova, Business Development Manager for Nutriad delivered a presentation entitled Mycotoxins: A gateway to infectious diseases

Dr. Borutova illustrated how immune function is suppressed by mycotoxins resulting in greater susceptibility to infection among flocks. 

Since nations in the Asia Pacific region are importing more ingredients, the need to monitor for mycotoxins is self-evident and in view of the prevalence of contamination in 2017 harvests, appropriate mycotoxin binders in feed are beneficial.


Radka Borutova

Dr. Tim Goossens, Business Development Manager at Nutriad discussed alternatives to antibiotics in broiler and turkey production.  Dr. Goossens promoted encapsulated butyrate as a viable alternative to antibiotic growth promoters which are now banned in most industrialized countries.  It was stressed that formulation of butyric acid additives with special reference to coating is critical to efficacy in the intestinal tract.

Erik Visser, CEO of Nutriad summarized the regulatory environment indicating that “Pressure from government regulation and consumers will shape the demands on livestock and aquaculture producers in Asia with respect to antibiotics following the trend in the Northern Hemisphere.