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Egg Exports 2011


Jan 23, 2012

Data released by the USDA-FAS for the period January through November 2011 documents the volume and value of U.S. egg exports.

For the 11-month period, 74.201 million dozen shell eggs were shipped with an aggregate value of $68 million corresponding to a unit value of 91.6 cents per dozen. Of the total 85% was shipped to the traditional top importers comprising Hong Kong, the EU-27, the UAE and Japan.


Exports of egg products amounted to 35,437 metric tons with a value of $109.5 million or a unit value of $3,090 per metric ton.

The top-5 importing nations accounting for 84% of volume included:

      1  Japan 53%  of total      
2  EU-27 18%  
3  Canada 7%  
4  South Korea 4%  
5  Hong Kong 3%  
   Top 5 84%