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Nov 21, 2016


The on-going support and improved performance of the Diamond brand Grading Systems is very important to us.  MOBA is continuing the long established commitment to our customers as a “Reliable” parts and service provider. 


MOBA has created and released DC upgrades for the Diamond 2100, 8200, 8300, and 8400 graders, MOBA has released each of these models. These kits replace all of the circuit cards and power supplies originally used on these machines with a modern control system and enhanced software.

Each of the DC upgrades is named for the system that it will be used on, and were designed to eliminate the circuit card obsolescence issues we are facing with many of these older parts.  These updates can typically be installed over night resulting in minimal down time.  Each kit is configured specifically for the grader that it will be installed on depending on the number of packing lanes it has as well as the options that it is equipped with.

Please review the technical information and specifications included in this mail-out and advise us of your future requirements. For additional technical information and prices, please contact your local MOBA sales person:

Bob Pike

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You can also contact Bill Brisch at our Farmington Hills office at 248-919-5106
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William Bretschneider
Product Manager


Turnkey Biosecurity Modular System

Oct 6, 2015

Functional design with a clear and common sense approach to separating clean and dirty

2015 has turned out to be detrimental in the poultry industry with the introduction and spread of avian influenza. The Midwest was particularly hit hard with an unfathomable amount of birds being lost to a host that was both unbiased and ruthless. As the year progressed bio security became a fundamental and preeminent function to protect the poultry industry. 


Retrofit of a MOBA Accumulator Enhances Operating Efficiency and Increases Saleable Product

Jul 10, 2015

MOBA has introduced an accumulator designed to fit existing Diamond Innova™ 12W, 8400 and 8200/8300 Series egg grading machines.  Specific design features of the accumulator will increase spool filling to enhance packing efficiency. Low- pressure operation reduces cracks and thereby increases the proportion of saleable product.

Retrofits already completed in the U.S. on Diamond installations have increased throughput by increasing spool fill rate at high speed settings, reducing the duration of the work day and minimizing overtime.  The value of improved efficiency will depend on production volume, wage rates and other factors specific to a plant. If it is assumed that a plant with a retrofitted MOBA accumulator can achieve the same volume in one hour less each day, the savings could attain $75,000 annually, given 20 workers at a wage rate of $10 per hour.


Twinpack Promote Eggs CargoSystem® in the U.S.

May 28, 2015

Twinpack of Holland is actively promoting their Eggs CargoSystem® (ECS) in the U.S. after successful adoption in 30 nations with 50 million trays delivered over 15 years.  It is intuitive that inadequately cleaned metal egg racks, plywood spacers and plastic trays are capable of transmitting viral and bacterial infection. The present concern over dissemination of H5H2 avian influenza virus through shipping nest-run product is self evident.


Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR AG™

May 12, 2015

A major challenge facing nutritionists is to rapidly evaluate the nutrient content of ingredients especially at the beginning of a harvest season or when receiving products from a new supplier.  Conventional proximate analysis using wet chemistry is expensive and involves delays in obtaining results which reduces effectiveness of this approach to adjusting an ingredient matrix.

Near infrared spectroscopy has been used for a number of years to obtain rapid assays of ingredients and finished feed. Cost has been the major restraint to general adoption of this technology.  Bench-top installations cost in the region of $100,000 although there is little technical proficiency required to achieve reproducible results provided that the instrument has a suitable database.

Recently Thermo Scientific, a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the micoPHAZIR™ AG instrument which is hand-held and self-contained and will sell in the region of $40,000 depending on options.  The unit is field deployable and provides similar results to larger lab-based instruments. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides service and technical support for their instruments through the U.S. headquarters in Boston.

The micoPHAZIR™ AG analyzer is delivered with pre-loaded calibrations which have been developed over two decades. The instrument is available with a calibration for poultry, ruminant and monogastric species.  Separate calibrations are available for cereals, legumes, animal protein and diets containing various quantities of protein and oil content.  The instrument can provide values for protein, moisture, lipids, fiber, and ash.


Registered Antimicrobial Products with Label Claims for Avian (Bird) Flu Disinfectants

Apr 29, 2015

The list of approved disinfectants with virucidal activity against avian influenza virus is available in the PDF file below.

Note that to compare among available products it is necessary to calculate the cost of solutions as applied. This involves taking into account the cost of the commercially available compound as purchased and applying the dilution factor to determine the cost of what is actually sprayed.

No disinfectant will work effectively on a surface with biological material or soil so that pre-washing with water or a compatible detergent solution followed by rinsing is required before application of the selected disinfectant.”

Download the PDF file


Hygeia Biological Laboratories Launch AE-Pox Vaccine

Dec 13, 2013

Hygeia Biological Laboratories of Woodland, CA have received a USDA license for a freeze-dried multivalent vaccine against AE (epidemic tremor) fowl pox and pigeon pox in a single dose.  The product was developed by Dr. Girish Sarma, VP of Research and Development.  For further information access the company website


Alltech promotes bioplexed minerals for shell strength

Dec 5, 2013

Recent studies conducted by Dr. Sally Solomon have confirmed that supplementing the diets of laying hens with bioplexed minerals improves breaking strength. Proteinated forms of zinc, manganese, copper and selenium are more readily absorbed than inorganic mineral salts resulting in greater availability to function as co-factors for enzymes involved in shell deposition.


Big Dutchman Promotes Aviary Systems

Nov 12, 2013

Big Dutchman Promotes Aviary Systems  



Moba-style accumulator now available for Diamond graders

Aug 26, 2013


A  Moba-style accumulator is now available for the entire family of Diamond egg graders. This system is designed  to maximize egg fill and reduce cracks as it gently fills the machine with eggs from supply belts.

The accumulator uses the same, open frame design technology as used on the Moba Omnia. It features island-shaped dividers with sloping sides, trough beam sensors, and a second conveyor belt to promote separation. This configuration limits  pressure on eggs, thereby reducing shell damage.

Data collected from one recent installation showed a 5% decrease in the number of empty spools and a 1.5% decrease in the number of cracked eggs with this new system.  For further information contact Moba sales at (248)-476-7100, or access <>