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Vital Farms is Committed to Pasture Housing for Flocks


Vital Farms was established by Matt O’Hayer in 2007. Matt, a serial entrepreneur with a solid business track record and his spouse Catherine established a small farm on a 27 acre property they owned near Austin, TX.

At the onset of his enterprise, O’Hayer elected to follow U.K. standards applicable to outside access for pastured flocks allowing each hen a minimum of 108 ft2 of outdoor pasture.  Initially, moveable shelters were used followed by a hub-and-spoke approach, then allowing outside access to pasture from each side of a barn.


Egg Innovations – Commitment to Contractors


A feature article highlighting Egg-Innovations is the first in a series reviewing specialist egg producers in the U.S. EGG-NEWS will consider ownership, structure and features of the enterprises which contribute to success in a competitive marketplace.


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