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Consumer Resistance to Dihydrogen Monoxide


Consumer research company InsightsNow has determined that 10 percent of young adults want “dihydrogen monoxide” removed from foods. This is an example of herd mentality coupled with ignorance since dihydrogen monoxide is water. Because food activists such as the “Food Babe” will only accept additives she can pronounce, dihydrogen monoxide would be taboo, although water is apparently acceptable to her and her web acolytes.

In the downward rush to remove beneficial additives duly approved by the FDA to create “clean labels” valuable products with beneficial properties have been eliminated.

The question is how we arrived at the farcical situation that water by another name is undesirable. This in large measure is the result of deliberate misinformation and distortion advanced by self-appointed experts using the web which has provided them with an unjustifiably loud megaphone. Food manufacturers are equally culpable in not defending their formulations and simply caving in to irresponsible demands. Agencies such as the FDA are no help in defending food manufacturers who use approved additives.